What Kind Of Boyfriend You Need, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Finding an amazing boyfriend is something that many women dream about, but we all have our unique sense of self, which requires something a little different. Here’s what we recommend for each Zodiac sign.

You need a man that can handle a strong and very passionate woman, and is as obsessed with you as you are with him, unapologetically. Your man should make your life more exciting rather than holding you back. He is spontaneous and loves to grow and self-expand through exploration and adventures, but also respects your freedom.

You need a guy that knows every little nook and cranny of your soul (as well as what makes you tick), and appreciate their friends and family. You need a guy with patience that won’t be pushy but will provide comfort and warmth that you rarely find in other men. He’ll leave you sweet notes on the mirrors and always keep his promises, plus is faithful in the extreme. Go To “Next Page” To See More.

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