Tips on How to Choose Between Two Guys

Sometimes, the inevitable happens, and you find yourself in a bit of a love triangle. Choosing between two phenomenal guys can feel really difficult, but there are some exercises you can do to figure out which one is really the guy for you, without hurting anyone’s feelings.

1.Consider the positive qualities of each guy. Is he open-minded or does he have prejudices? Does he make you laugh? Is he interested in things other than his own ego? These are important questions to ask

2. Think about how he affects you and makes you feel. You want a guy that’s not too hard on you, but challenges you. One that brings out the best in you and compliments you in a meaningful and not generic way.

3. Consider possible negative qualities. Has the guy ever lied to you or been manipulative? Does he talk about his ex-girlfriend a little too much?

4. Don’t rush your decision – a relationship is nothing to make snap judgements over. Ideally, one of the guys will help you make the decision easier by doing something incredible or horrible, and big decisions take time.

5. Instead of asking your friends who they like more, ask who they think is better for you, creating a better suggestion of who they would date rather than who they think you should. And be open when they give you advice instead of being overly stubborn. Go To “Next Page” To See More.

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