The Way Your Partner Displays Affection Reveals What They Value in You

Saying “I Love You” is possibly the easiest way to let somebody know that you care about them, but it isn’t the only way. When it comes to expressing emotions, every individual is different. While some use words, others rely more on actions and gestures. The way your significant other displays affection may not be the same way you do, which can make you anxious about your relationship and make you feel less desired.

Buzzbbc has identified 6 ways people display affection for their partners without using words and we’ve deciphered what they mean.

1.They listen to you like your personal diary.

If your partner is ready to listen to you and comfort you on both your sad and happy days, they are not only a great listener but this also suggests that they value trust in your relationship. By allowing you to vent, your partner tries to make the connection between you 2 stronger and more honest.

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