9 Sure Hints Your Ex Wants You Back

Dealing with people you’ve been in past relationships with can be tricky. Do you stay friends with exes, or leave them in the past? Someone you were once so close with can become an utter mystery as you try to determine if their intentions are now purely friendly and platonic, or covertly flirtatious. Reading these signs can be pretty difficult, and can lead to a lot of awkward conversations. Whether you are interested in getting back together, want to maintain a healthy friendship, or would like to keep your distance altogether, it’s important to know what is going through your ex’s head as well. To gain some clarity in your situation, check out these 9 sure hints your ex wants you back.

They constantly contact you.
If your ex is always finding reasons to randomly message or call you, then this is a sign they are still into you and want to be apart of your daily life.

They are genuinely into what you’re up to.
If your ex is always asking how you are, and is seriously interested in your current situation, they likely still care about you. Go To “Next Page” To See More.

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