10 Signs He Wants You to Make the First Move

A lot of women have a fantasy that some traditionally masculine man will come and sweep her off her feet, saying all the right things and making all the right moves. But that dude sounds shady with all of his flashy charm, so give shy guys a shot! They can be the most genuine, sweetest diamonds in the rough – you just need to take initiative and do a little excavating!

1.You feel certain vibes and that he sends you signals, but the first kiss just doesn’t happen! It could mean he is shy, making usually easy to identify signals become tougher. Look out for compliments or if he always seems to be finding a way to be around you.

2. His friends are always telling you that he’s into you and is just waiting for you to make the move. This might be a turn off for some girls, but it’s also a loud clue and an advantage, cluing you into what he’s thinking.

3. He’s been single for a while. He may be waiting for you to be single if you’re not, or he may just have had an eye on you for a while and waiting for you to make that first move.

4. He doesn’t think he’s good enough for you. He might have even said things like this to you in the past. If he thinks he’s out of your ballpark, he might hang back to let you decide.

5. His body language gives it away that he’s attracted to you. If he makes intense eye contact, sits super close to you or if you catch him staring at you when he thinks your attention is elsewhere, he might be interested.

6. Pay attention to how he reacts when you enter a room. If he turns more alert and there’s a look of desire or a huge smile on his face, you clearly bring him happiness and push all the right buttons.

7. He always seems nervous around you. There’s always the possibility that he just has social anxiety, but this is a pretty common sign that he’s into you but a little scared to make the first move. Be direct and confident about the situation and reach out first.

8. He’s more passive than aggressive. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – he could be waiting for you, and not want to cross any inappropriate boundaries with consent. If he has a laid back personality, expect to initiate as well.

9. He’s a regular Chatty Cathy online and via text, but in person, is quiet. This could mean that he’s just shy and is a common downfall of dating in 2019. Darn social media!

10. He’s always offering to do things for you or help you out. This is a sign that he’s eager to please you and wants to make you happy or impress you. If he is more helpful for you to others and always the first to offer a hand when you need something, wake up and smell the coffee!