3 Breast Changes That Are Normal and 6 That Can Be Red Flags for Health Problems

With age comes wisdom, but also the risk of many diseases. While most age-related symptoms that we observe externally on our body are totally normal, some might be a little worrisome. And every minute change should be carefully monitored since 2/3 of deaths every day are caused by age-related problems.

This Buzzbbc article will help you diagnose your age-related breast changes without panicking.

Normal breast changes

1.Stretch marks

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As you age, stretch marks occur. Although unsightly, they are perfectly normal. With age, hormone levels required to maintain skin elasticity drop. As a result, these stretch marks appear.

Enlargement of the breasts during pregnancy is also a factor. High-stress levels can also cause stretch marks to appear prematurely, so it’s better to stay stress-free.

2.Downward pointing nipples

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When with age, the breasts and the nipples start pointing downward, it’s more likely that weakened breast tissue and gravity are at play.

There are also various other factors that you should keep in mind. If you have large breasts, or a high body mass index, then your breasts will sag sooner and maybe more. Also, if you are a regular smoker, your breasts might sag earlier than expected. Go To “Next Page” To See More.

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