Blepharoplasty – Eyelid Surgery For A Fresher, Younger Look

Blepharoplasty sounds a bit scary and complicated but it’s a very common eyelid surgery. It’s done for both cosmetic and medical reasons on both upper and lower eyelids. It’s a relatively easy surgery more common among women who want to achieve a younger, more rejuvenated and rested look by getting rid of extra skin and adipocyte fat that can give you that baggy look around the eyes with aging.

Eyelid Surgery Types

There’s quite a few types of eyelid surgeries out there. You might’ve heard a lot about eyelifts or perhaps you’ve come across double eyelid surgery that’s very common in certain Asian countries. There are also corrective eyelid surgeries that help patients get rid of unwanted bumps and lumps, improve faulty eyelids to help them function correctly and others. In general you can split all eye surgeries into two categories: functional and cosmetic.

Functional Eyelid Surgeries

Functional eyelid surgeries are those that are done to correct a defect or improve one’s vision. These are surgeries that are needed for a medical reason to improve the health and quality of a patient’s life. Conditions such as ectropion, entropion, ptosis, eyelid tumors, benign cysts, and lumps require functional eyelid surgery. Go To Next Page To See More

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