7 Reasons NOT to get Botox

From celebrities to civilians, many of us want to prevent aging from creeping up on us. Decades ago, actually undergoing plastic surgery or cosmetic interventions was something many people only dreamed off – only the wealthiest could attain such pleasures. Now with the price of cosmetic surgeries becoming more affordable, even the middle class can afford to have work done. One of the most popular cosmetic alterations is Botox. You may be considering Botox for yourself to shed a few years off your appearance. But how much do you really know about the effect of Botox? Before you take the leap and try your first injections, here are 7 reasons not to get Botox.

The results don’t typically last.

You may see some immediate results after Botox, but your facial muscles will eventually regain their initial function, and are likely to go back to their original appearance within a few months. That means those wrinkles will be back very soon.

Botox is an endless money pit.

Because Botox isn’t a permanent fix, your wrinkles will begin to reform. If you are dedicated to keeping those crow’s feet at bay, you will have to constantly get new injection, which will ultimately cost you a fortune.

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